Basil and Barnabas
Móra Könyvkiadó többi terméke

2.290 Ft
1.832 Ft -20%

Várható szállítási idő: raktárról, azonnal

Aunt Barbara lets them do it because she likes dachshunds even better than lavender, and of all dachshunds it is Basil and Barnabas she likes the best. Although it must be admitted, she has no other dachshunds.

Lavender grows in Aunt Barbara’s garden as grass grows elsewhere. Its scent fills the little cottage where Aunt Barbara lives with Uncle Balthasar and the two dachshunds. Here everything smells of lavender, but especially the dachshund twins, who romp about and play hide-and-seek in it all day long.

24 oldal
200 x 265 mm
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